How To Free Up A Garage Space?

A garage is often the most disorganized section of a household. This is because a garage is not just the resting place of automobiles. Most garages are not a part of the main household, and therefore, they also get used as storerooms for storing all the unnecessary and unmanageable items. As a result, garages are full of things other than the cars. This clutter becomes troublesome when you are coming in or going out with your car.

A garage needs to stay well-maintained and organized. Above all, it needs to have enough space for free movement. This post will help you by revealing the ways to save space in modern garages.

#1. Use An Old Hammock

If you have an old hammock, put it to good use. As the hammock is old, you should not put much pressure on it. Consider placing items like duffel bags and sports balls that are bulky in size but light in weight. Hang the hammock by attaching it to the joists in the ceiling with the help of screw eyes. In this way, all these items will stay safe and away from the way.

#2. Tool Outlines

First of all, hammer nails into walls with adequate distance between each one of them. Use these nails to hang all your tools. Now, make sure that you draw an outline of every tool on the wall with a black paint pen. Once the outlining is over, you will negate the chances of putting the tools back in the wrong spot. Not only you, everyone in your house will come to know the right place to keep a certain tool.

#3. Make A Hose Reel

A hose pipe is an important garage tool but you cannot let the hose pipe run a muck inside your garage. However, you do not need to buy a new hose reel if you know how to create it using a paint bucket. Get an old 5-gallon paint bucket, and use screws to fix it to one of the garage walls. Once the bucket is in place, take the hose pipe and wrap it around the “new” hose reel.

#4. Remove the Car

I am sure you are finding this point a little weird as a car is the most significant part of a garage. Well, my suggestion is not to take the car out of the garage completely; rather, the point is giving its home a better makeover. Do you know about hydraulic car lifts? If you can afford it, install a hydraulic car lift inside your garage. With its help, your car will get lowered into an underground platform, and you will have lots of free space inside the garage. Press a button, and the platform will rise up to the ground level when you want it

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